Time to depart these shores

Hi All,
Just starting a new blog. Those of you who have followed our last ones will know that we kinda reached the limits of their capability. One thing we dont like doing is having to remove stuff in order to put new stuff up. Our lovely sister-in-law Trae recommended WordPress to us, so here goes……………….

We are about to depart UK and go cruising. This is something we have been planning on doing since yours truly retired from the Royal Navy in ’06. The other adventures:
Hawaii and round the world, Caribbean, got in the way and then we needed to be home for a while as Barbara’s health took a bit of a turn. All good now, and now that Hannah and Tim’s wedding is successfully done (last weekend, it was perfect look at my facebook or sezra white for loads of pics), we are aiming to head off at the end of the month.
I promise to up load as many dits and pics as I can and keep you all updated on our progress.


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One response to “Time to depart these shores

  1. Look forward to seeing your progess. Martin is dead jealous.
    May a fair wind keep your progress just and true.
    Bon Voyage
    Rhona Martin & crew inc Rusty salty sea dog XXX

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