Preparing to get under way

We were over on the mainland for Hannah and Tim’s wedding (a perfect occasion and one we will never forget).   As we were taking bride and groom up to Gatwick for their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic and collecting them as well, we spent a week flat-sitting in Southampton.  This gave us the opportunity to go visiting a bit and get some bits for our deployment.   A useful visit to the RYA at Hamble,   Kelvin-Hughes at Southampton, Andark Diving at Swanwick (or is it Bursledon?  I can never tell) plus a few other places,  allowed us to pick up some goodies.  One visit took us to the Electric Bicycle Company in Bedford Place, Southampton.  Anyone who knows us knows that our folding bikes (el cheapo off the internet)  died of terminal rust and cheapness, so yours truly broke out the angle grinder (folding mechanisms on the bikes totally seized),   sliced and diced them and deposited them in the ‘metals only’ skip at our local recycling centre.   A visit into the Electric Bike shop, followed by a wander down to a relatively di-interested shop person at H****ords,  who showed us some spectacularly expensive (and similar in ‘quality’ to the angle ground predecessors) to compare,  and we marched smartly back to Bedford Place.   Our new bikes arrive at the end of June.  They have battery power and are capable of something like 15mph and will run for something like 35 miles on a full charge (probably so long as you join in with the pedal thingies)   Anyway,  as our lovely sister-in-law Trae always says,  ‘buy the best and cry only once;’   we are looking forward to receiving them.  We have decided at long last that we are going to use the inland water-ways to travel down to the Mediterranean,  so plans now include  mast unstepping,  mooring spikes,  inland waterway charts,  an ATIS capable radio and so on.  Had our plans taken us around the outside our shopping list would have been somewhat different.   Must dash,  teaching a nav course……………….


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