Getting Closer by the day………….

Our friend  and master of  labels  Dennis (the Major) is coming around to ‘expertly apply’  Wight Mistress’s name either side of our bow (needed for the waterways I am told)  and to similarly attach the name to our tender,   suitably named    ‘Crumpet’   tt Wight Mistress.

We are in our berth, bows in,  with the pointy end tied tight up into the corner for this artwork application and the master of the sticky label is due to arrive in around 30 minutes.

We are helping our friend Ted to unstep his masts on Thursday before slipping and proceeding on Friday to Southampton.   We offered a day at sea as a prize for the Red Nose Day at Hannah’s work.  A couple won it, and so we will be out for the day on the water on Saturday.   We believe we will be seeing the kids sometime on Saturday night before disappearing sometime on Sunday.   Will keep you all posted


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  1. Mike Smyth

    Today is your day to dance lightly with life,
    sing wild songs of adventure,
    invite rainbows and butterflies out to play,
    soar your spirit, and unfurl your joy.

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