We’re Outahere!!!

Managed to slip and proceed, out on ‘free flow’  from Island Harbour this morning at around noon.   We had a superb sail,  albeit just across the Solent and up Southampton Water to Shamrock Quay where,  50 yards off the marina we actually put the engine on and furled away the genoa.    We came here to sort out some safety kit with Ocean Safety (just around the corner)  and to be available to take some people out for the day tomorrow.  Our guests won the day’s sailing with us as part of the RBS Red Nose Day Auction run by our daughter Hannah.   Apparently they bid very well, so we are holding up our end of the bargain.  I am not sure if the weather forecast for tomorrow will be to their liking but hey ho,   one can’t have everything.    S’funny,  we can go through a force 10 in Wight Mistress and inside she is as dry as a bone.  First sign of heavy rain?  different story. Still, I now know where to start with maintenance once we get somewhere a bit warmer.

Sat here  having tea and cake at Shamrock Quay.  If the rain stops we might just head off for a beer.

Thus endeth Day One of the Cruise


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