Jon and Monique’s Red Nose Day with us

What a day that was.  Jon and Monique, our Red Nose Day guests,  arrived at around 0845.    After  a quick cup of tea,  safety brief and lifejacket fitting, Barbara cast off our lines and Steve eased my bow out into the river. Up went my sails and off we went in a gentle breeze  around the corner to look at the cruise liners,  then off on a beam reach down Southampton Water.  As we reached Hamble Point it was decision time; with the wind in the Solent getting up and the sea looking quite lumpy,  the decision was made to protect our guests, so we bimbled gently up the Hamble River to Universal Marina and stopped for a beautiful lunch which Barbara had prepared earlier.   Yummy,  Caribbean chicken salad and summer fruits pudding (Steve’s favourites).    A very squally afternoon ensued, with my sails well reefed and a stonking close reach back up to the Itchen, followed by a full headsail run to within 30 yards of the berth.  My poor engine didnt even warm up fully in the time I was parked.  Still, we didnt use too much fuel.  Jon and Monique said they had a great time and they really liked me 🙂   Sarah’s boyfriend Tom’s Dad lives in Hythe Marina and his berth is empty at the moment;  we have been invited to go over there to stay for a little while.   We have to be back at Shamrock around Tuesday to collect my liferaft, before heading off to pastures new, and we may have to nip back and anchor in the river while Steve and Barbara go to collect any mail that may have arrived.  After that,    WE’RE OUTA HERE………….   (pictures to follow shortly)


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