Tuesday (Cruise Day 5) Party time in Hythe

Monday was a good day alongside in Hythe, where we managed to crack in some maintenance.     We had a very strange problem with the fuel system, where fuel was ‘disappearing’ from the day tank (we ‘used’  all 60 litres in a 2.29 mile transit from Shamrock Quay to Hythe Marina)    Turns out that the pipe feeding the fuel from the main tank, through the filter system and pump to the day tank,  terminated in a ‘dip pipe’ in the day tank.  This allowed the day tank to siphon back to the main tank at will.   Wierd.   A couple of minutes with a hack saw and hopefully the problem will have gone away.

Today’s plan is to top up with groceries,  do a few bits and pieces around the vessel and then go for an evening sail with our friend Vernon, who is hosting us on his berth here for a few days.   Vernon is Sarah’s boyfriend Tom’s dad.   Vernon and Tom’s brother Jim came onboard on Sunday evening for a few drinks and a natter.   1 1/5 bottles of rum and the best part of 2 bottles of wine later and I think we all slept very well.  (Ba and I certainly did.)


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  1. Mike Smyth

    Methinks that some of the changes you made to this site yesterday weren’t saved as the title is unchanged and the tag line missing. I know you did it as I was watching your screen as you did. Must have forgotten to save the changes.

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