Friday 24 June, waking up in Cherbourg

les trois drapeaux

Now, where did we put her?

Today we awoke at the crack of 1050  went and paid in the Capitainery and,  oh yes, we also called Solent Coastguard to let them know we had arrived safely (as with most safe mariners, we ‘filed’ a passage plan on Channel 67 with them before leaving the Solent.)  We did try to call on VHF just before entering Cherbourg, but even with an excellent antenna and feeder and a brand new radio,   even the Solent is just a tad more than ‘line-of-sight.’ so, we used the telephone.

Managed to drag our weary bones to Carrefour to obtain essential supplies:   5 ltrs of red wine and a large case of  Euro p1$$ – should keep us til Tuesday :-).     Oh yes, and some food and baguettes too.  An afternoon of general tidying,  a spot of dhobying (clothes washing)  and a bit of maintenance in the donk shop (engine room) and we are about to depart to the Yacht Club for a beer, as they have free wifi and I need to upload this and some pictures for our trusty readers.  Now sat in ‘Equipage’  (French for ‘crew’) which is name of the bar directly above the Capitainery (marina office.)  We have been to Cherbourg many times and even though some sailors don’t like it,  we feel quite at home here and always try to visit here when cruising. Right;  now let’s see if we can upload some piccies


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