Alderney back to Cherbourg

So that's what a pollock looks like

Yesterday morning,   Barbara had hung her fishing trace of feather lures over the quarter and we went ashore.  When we returned we found a mackerel hanging off it.  Cleaned and gutted and kept in water for now.    Line went back in the water.  Just before bed time we thought we would recover the line.  This time we found a much bigger fish on it. We had no idea what it was so we called the ferryman on the radio (he was operating nearby) and he came over and identified the fish as a pollock.   16 inches and weighing in at somewhere between one and two pounds.   Prepared and stored in water.

As we fell out from harbour stations (special sea dutymen remained closed up)  abeam of Alderney Light,  out went the fishing line again; this time it caught a little mackerel, which was sent home to its mummy with a note saying ‘sorry about the fat lip’.  In went the line and within a couple of minutes the mackerel’s dad had come along to see what all the fuss was about.  He is in the bucket now, along with the pollock and the other makkie,  all sans  head and other bits.

Our passage today went a bit like this:  departed Alderney at HW+6 Dover (very early) to catch the tidal stream going east for Cherbourg.  This,  as other avid users and avoiders of the Alderney Race, will tell you that we had some fun in light airs, sailing across the race.   At one stage, in order to steer east, we were virtually facing south.  Talk about CTS exercise.   All the time we had some wind it was good going, but then the wind slackened to just enough to make the wind over tide at the top of the race a bit lumpy.   By the time we had Cap de la Hague Light due south of us all was well and we were screaming toward Cherbourg at 9 knots over the ground.

Pleasant jaunt,  left Alderney at 0500B and arrived Cherbourg 0930B.    Total of 2 engine hours and 2.75 litres of fuel burned.

Baguettes for brekkie, cup of tea,  read a book,  did a blog……..time for a snooze.  Best go shopping  a bit later for some bits to go with fish.


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