A good day’s work.

Ba enjoying a Grisham and a cold one

Well, in the sunshine today we have been doing some maintenance and cleaning, making Wight Mistress look pretty.  Scrubbing,  brushing, tidying up, cleaning the Cobb BBQ (really needed it) etc.

What is interesting is that we now have Craig and Pat on their Fisher 34 ‘YKnot’  parked astern of us and Alan and June have just arrived alongside us in their Fisher 25 ‘Sea Otter’.    We also caught sight of another F25 (green hull) departing just after we arrived.  Couldn’t see the name but whoever it was,  we would love to know.

Steve, caught in the subtle act of blogging

Impromptu rally perhaps?

Glorious sunshine,  cold beer on the go as I write this,  and absolutely wonderful aromas emanating from the galley as my lovely lady prepares yet another repas magnifique.  I am told it is now ready and I have to close this and prepare the cockpit table. Work work work work work………

And so it goes on………….

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