Saturday evening and ‘aperitif’ onboard

At around 1300 a higher authority  decreed that we would hold ‘aperitif’  for our impromptu rally of 3 Fishers and a Fairline Targa 30 who became an honorary Fisher for the duration of her stay.   So, off we trotted to Carrefour with Stripey,  our trusty wheely bag trolly thingy.

We returned an hour or two later, laden down with wine and smally eats and tidied up WM for the evening.  1800 arrived and within a few minutes it became quite clear that you can actually seat 8 people in Wight Mistress’s cockpit in (slightly confined) comfort.  The only prerequisites are friendliness and a lack of BO.  Pleased to report that we all qualified.

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One response to “Saturday evening and ‘aperitif’ onboard

  1. Derek and Jenny Posta

    Hi Steve and Barbara
    Just to say how much we enjoyed meeting you and the rest of the Fisher gang and feel privileged to have been made honorary members !
    Many thanks Steve for your help with the Raymarine gear. We followed the the little purple line and got back to Weymouth in record time!
    Best wishes
    Derek and Jenny.

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