Sunday morning after the night before

A bit of a slow start this morning.  Alan and June were preparing ‘Sea Otter’ to slip and proceed on their way to Guernsey so they headed off around 1130 to catch the west going tide.  Wind in the NE will make for a pleasant sail for them and hopefully the Alderney Race will be a bit smoother with wind and tide going the same way.

We noticed a big Beneteau on the end of N Pontoon with a couple of electric bicycles parked along side.  Steve went off for a nose at them and met the owner, who turns out to be an importer of such things in Holland.   We have already bought ours from the Electric Bike Company in Southampton, and it was nice to hear of good experiences with such things.    Incidentally,  we are hoping our bicycles will arrive on Wednesday. Robbie and Charlotte Wins come from Laren (near Hilversum). They were due to depart this afternoon, but they had a problem with a loose fan belt, compounded by the tensioner bolt head being rounded and stubborn to undo.   It took a few minutes of creative engineering to remove the offending bolt.  WM’s spare bolt jar came to the fore and a replacement was fitted and fanbelt adjusted for them.    It is nice to be able to pay it forward whenever we can and we know that the favour will come back to us when we need help,  ‘cos that is how it works.  Anyway,   Charlotte and Robbie and ‘Winsie’ departed safely at around noon as well,  also heading to Guernsey and then Jersey, returning to Deauville for 17 July to meet their family there.  We will possibly meet up with them again.

Robbie and Charlotte Wins aboard ‘Winsie’ their Beneteau 49

This afternoon we went for a walk around the marina and also checked the mail at the Capitainery to find our European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs)  had arrived safely;   a big thank you to our friends Ted and Kay Hargreaves in Island Harbour, who are looking after our mail for us.

F25 looking a little forlorn and not showing a name

In our meandering we came across another 2 Fishers:  one F25 in light green, up on the hard standing and looking a little forlorn.  No name on the transom or bow.

Kornogin, F30 and up for sale

This was the other one.  We think she is a F30 and she looks in quite nice shape (from a distance)  She was displaying  ‘A Vendre’ on her shrouds,  so if you know anyone who wants a Fisher 30……..


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