Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all our colonial friends;  we hope you have a great day.

Our friends Craig and Pat Rich departed this morning onboard YKNOT before we were even awake.  They are taking the eastbound tide around to St Vaast.  Wight Mistress is starting to get wriggly again, so I expect we will be off soon too,  just waiting for the bicycles to arrive.

Had a good phone call from the Electric Bike Company just now. Our bikes are on their way to us.  Hoorah!!  Once they are here we can move on.

S’funny how pay-it-forward opportunities happen all the time.

We met Beverly and Chris onboard their gaffer ‘Uncle Eric.’   Chris, like Steve, has an ongoing ‘inboard back or ‘saltwater activated injury’ from way back when and resulting from abuse by a ladder.   We were able to give them the number and name of Lesley Dunkley, our McTimoney Chiropractor.   She is brilliant, highly skilled and a true healer.    Chris also has a friend in Bembridge with a similar back affliction,  so hopefully Lesley will receive a call soon and be able to help him.

Other new friends, Derek and Jenny, we met this weekend bumped into us near the Capitainery and we had a natter, like yer do.

Turns out that he has a new Raymarine plotter onboard his motor boat but he did not know how to get the best out of it.  Sooooo,   apres showers etc  Steve went aboard ‘Merelle’  a Fairline Targa 30 and spent an hour taking Derek through the functions and how to produce a route and set up the screen pages etc.   They departed Cherbourg a little later much happier for the information, so that is a nice thing.

Having a quiet day today.  Had to write up some information and send it off to a company who is administering a customer of ours, who allegedly went bust owing us the best part of 3 grand.   Still trying to decide whether to take the person concerned to the small claims court over what he owes us, especially after the way he treated us.  Nuf said.

BTW,  have a look at this picture and tell me if you can see what it is:

Wow! beautiful, but what IS it?



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2 responses to “Happy Independence Day

  1. traebonne

    Have you got an angel on board? 😀

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