First rain since Blighty

Went and had a look at the weather in the Capitainery this morning.  A low is going over the north of Angleterre,  leaving fronts coming across Basse Normandie today.  Barbara worked her way through the French forecast and did an excellent job,  only to notice afterwards that directly above the French was an English translation (dooohhh!)  Still, it is good to try.

Just started raining.  Thankfully Ba hadn’t started on the woodwork outside, or the stuff would run off all over the lovely gel-coat.  Equally grateful,  Steve did the diesel filters this morning in the sunshine.   Afternoon off methinks.

For those of you who looked at the lovely picture of our angel  (Thank you Trae,  a lovely imagination and from now on, each time we encounter her we will think of her as our angel too :-))   it was the sun shining on a gnurled  scuttle (round window) handle at just the right angle.  What a true gift from a higher being.

Angel gone for now. We look forward to her visiting again


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