Hi Readers,

As you know, we have been waiting for the delivery of our new electric bicycles.  They arrived this afternoon, while Steve was repairing a defect on the fresh water system.  The little micro switch that controls the pressure had wrapped its claw in, so in order to avoid a lack of spares the system was slightly re-engineered and now works fine.

On to the bikes.  The lady from the Capitainery came running out, all excited,  catching Steve, who was on a mission to the Accastillage (chandlers) to buy bits.   That was it;  Ba came running up as well and with a flurry of scissors,   leatherman etc,  our bikes emerged.   Amazing:   how many bikes do you know that will pull a wheelie, straight out of the box.  They are very powerful and are going to be a real bonus on our travels.

OK, out of the box, now what?

Here you see Ba, after a manic few minutes of fighting to get the bubble wrap out of her hands.  Too much excitement.   That, plus a close encounter avec les pompiers yesterday made for a very happy lady.  We went for a leisurely  whizzzzzzzz around Cherbourg on les velos electriques before rain stopped play and we returned onboard for tea and medals and for Steve to finish fixing the fresh water system.    Getting the bikes into their carry bags is a skill we have yet to perfect, but we are young and we will learn…………

Steve, checking his velo for size


These bikes are very sturdy and even with a partly charged battery, have an interesting turn of power. You can use the twist throttle like on a motorcycle or it will auto assist,  sensing the effort you are putting in and adding a bit for you as well.  Amazing.







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  1. Wow, that was quick, only just posted it. Good question. ‘Madam’ has decreed that an 0400B departure demain is totally out of le question. So, it looks like added day of planned (or unplanned) SMP, which might mean a bit of a bike ride around the bazaars, just cos we can. NPOC Carentan and then on to Deauville, Fecamp etc and on up to St Valerie sur Somme, where the plan is to de-mast and enter the waterways along the ‘canalised’ Somme. Apparently it is one of the lesser used and most beautiful of the waterways. We are really looking forward to the experience.

  2. Just found the link you put in your comment LMAO. Madam says you obviously have far too much time on your hands 🙂

  3. Lella

    Happy cycling!!! And for those of us unused to speaking in alphabetese….
    what is SMP? xxx

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