Honfleur, what a magical place

I suppose it is partly due to my reading some novels based in Elizabethan times and earlier that Honfleur has come to life in my imagination.   We are moored in the old basin, surrounded by buildings that are veeerrrrrrryyyy old.

The view across la Vieux Bassin from where we are moored

It is wonderful.   Day or night, the view is picturesque.  Even when it is grey and overcast the colours are lovely.  We have taken it on ourselves to investigate every street in Honfleur.






At night the view is equally  beautiful

La Vieux Bassin at night









We visited the office du tourisme and availed ourselves of their knowledge and also a plan de ville.   We were offered a visit to le pont du Normandie, gratuite ( a favourite word in our French vocabulaire), so today, Thursday 21 July at 1530 we met up with a group of Belgians, Dutch and French people at a place outside town, for an interesting lecture on the new bridge,  le pont du Normandie, over the Seine.  We actually drove over this bridge last year on our way to Brittany and on south to Spain.  It was fascinating.  The only real task was to try and keep up with the French speaking native conducting the lecture.  He made a fuss of having ‘les Anglais’ in the group and that he would try to speak slowly ‘honest?  yeah right!!’  Anyway, not only did we keep up with him in a reasonable manner,  ‘gisting’  when losing track of the vernacular,  but we also managed to ask some intelligent questions,  which surprised him more than us.

view from sous le pont (but not in Avignon) - we know a song about this.

It seems that the pont du Normandie’s biggest benefit to les francais is that it keeps a lot of heavy traffic away from Paris.  Anyway,  an interesting engineering project and worth going for the lecture






The ships traversing la Seine do not seem to take any prisoners. Check out the bow wave, this guy is doing at least 15 knots



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