Another day in Honfleur

Hoorah,  the sun has got his hat on,  hip hip hip hooray.   It seems that the batch of nasty wet weather has a small gap in it,  and today it chose Honfleur for the sun to shine.   This place is immensely pretty even when the weather is grey and yukky.   When the sun comes out all the colours leap out at you.    Today we did some maintenance in the forenoon and after lunch we went for a walk.  We climbed the steep hill behind Honfleur to the top where there is a great view of the River Seine and the pont du Normandie.

View from the top of the hill behind Honfleur

La Chapelle de Notre Dame de Grace

There is also a lovely chapel called La Chapelle de Notre Dame de Grace.   Its bells are in a frame on the ground outside the chapel and their sound is crystal clear.  We lit a candle for our little grand daughter Grace in her memory today at this chapel and also in the church in the old town, where the roof looks like an upturned boat.

The bells on a frame outside the chapelle

OK, to some people this looks like an upturned boat.








Tomorrow, if the weather stays nice, we are going to cycle west along the Seine to see the beautiful beaches and gaze over the the industrial monster that is Le Havre.





Our trusty old electric kettle started to play up.  We noticed how, in the last 2 places and here as well, that the shore supply would trip all of a sudden.   Slightly deeper analysis showed it happened while making the tea.  Mmmmmmmmm.     New kettle procured this afternoon and, funny old thing,  shore supply seems much more stable now.


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