26 – 28 July – Fecamp

Tuesday 26 July Fecamp

An interesting port entry to Fecamp

Up at 0600 to slip lines for a departing Charlie and a pretty Victoria 30 double ender outboard of him, we made our way into an empty berth and hooked up to an empty power connection.  No wifi here other than netabord, which you have to pay for.   We did find out a bit later that wifi for free was available in the office de tourisme.     Received a call from an old shipmate, Steve Kellow, who lives a bit further south in France.  Nice long natter;  hopefully we can get to visit with him and his lady when we reach that area.

Wednesday 27 July Fecamp

The Benedictine Distillery

Enjoying a taste of Benedictine

One of the original stills in the history section







Visited the Benedictine Distillery – the Palais de Benedictine, and it was built like a palace not a factory.  It housed some collections made by the founder as well as a guided tour of the distillery.  Interesting, tasted it, loved it, didn’t buy a bottle.   Picked up baguettes and some sweet things and spent the rest of the afternoon in the sunshine, reading.

Mackerel for dinner and caramel tart for pud.   Sat down to read a bit and clear away for departure tomorrow then settled down to Miss Congeniality before bed.

So, what did we think of Fecamp?   It was ok.  The marina staff were very helpful and the boulangeries sold lovely baguettes etc but other than that, I am not sure we will visit again on our next Operation Pinball Wizard.


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