28 July Fecamp to Dieppe

A day sail from Fecamp to Dieppe...... til the wind dropped

Early start to catch the north going tidal stream to Dieppe.   Is it me, or are these early morning starts getting tougher?  Certainly we don’t want to make a habit of it.    Alarms started trying to wake us up at 0400,  Eventually managed to crawl out of bed at 0430.   Slipped at  0500 and headed over to the fuel  berth (automatic, fortunately)  and topped up with diesel.   All done and secure by 0525, we slipped and proceeded out of harbour, bound for Dieppe. A pleasant day’s sail, until the wind died.  The wind was actually right on the nose for Dieppe, so we put in some strategic tacks and managed to sail up until about 2 hours before we arrived, burning diesel for the last bit.

Port entry into Dieppe

Managed one night in Dieppe.   The only reason for stopping there was that it put us within range of our goal, namely being at the  outer marks of the Somme Estuary 2 hours before high water St Valery sur Somme.


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