Tuesday 2 August 2011 St Valery sur Somme

We had a couple of punctures!

Wight Mistress in the St Valery sunshine

Our new friend Giles gave Steve a lift to what must be the largest bicycle store in Picardy, where we were able to purchase some spares and also some really good pannier baskets.    We were back in St Valery by late forenoon.

Barbara went into town to find some tape to stitch on to the net blinds (to keep the bugs out) but found that the local haberdashery didn’t have what she needs.

What a very hot day.

Spent an hour sat on a bench outside the office de tourisme, hanging off their free Wi-Fi and doing some internet things.  Back onboard to finish off and have a cup of tea.  Panniers fitted to bikes, more preps for canal entry and then into the yacht marina bar to buy Giles a drink to say thank you for the lift this morning.  Steve did offer to pay for the fuel but Giles would have nothing of it.

Spent a lovely evening with Marie-Christine, Ruie, Giles and Mimi behind the bar.   Mimi is Portuguese, proper name Magelaesh or Magellan.   She is a descendant of Ferdinand Magellan, married to Mike from Bournemouth and they live in Cayeux sur Mer.



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