Wednesday 3 August 2011 St Valery sur Somme

Preparations continue for the mast unstepping and move into the canal system.  Today Barbara proved her prowess with the electric plane and drill, turning an old plank into a quite respectable fender board.  This is a board that is hung on the side of the boat with fenders tucked between boat and board, to allow the board to take the nastiness of any walls or banks etc.

Pics to follow,  still on the camera

Cabling from both masts disconnected and labeled.  Next job is to slip the dinghy off the wheelhouse roof and start building the mast cradle.   We move into the canal on Friday evening and the crane is booked for Monday.

This afternoon we cycled right around the Baie de Somme to le Crotoy – 18 km each way in the bright sunshine.   Le Crotoy is pretty in a seaside town sort of way.  It is smaller than St Valery and has a sand/silt beach.  The tide rushes past it through the day, so it is probably not a good place to swim;  there were, however, quite  a few people paddling in the shallows.   The Baie  is part of the holiday area used by Parisiennes,  as well as a large influx of Dutch, Belgians and British and a few Germans.

More pics to follow.

Back onboard for a lovely Pork Chops Italienne for dinner – one of Barbara’s inventions and is absolutely delicious.    Those who know us know that we spent an immense amount of money on some pots and pans, and a blender with the power of a nuclear reactor.   Including with the pots etc is our wonderful electric skillet;  this and the blender are both used pretty much every day we have electricity hook up.


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