6 August – DAY 50 OF OUR CRUISE – Boulogne, briefly

It just occurred to us that today is Day 50 of this cruise.

Woke naturally at  0830 Managed to escape the raft and find a berth to ourselves AND an available power socket.  Lovely:   hot water for showering and the blender to make a breakfast juice.    We were thinking of staying and exploring Boulogne,  that is until we picked up the weather forecast from Dover Coastguard (they are only 30 miles away).    Today, the weather is agreeable, with a bit of wind.  Tomorrow the forecast talks about Force7 winds.    Barbara worked up the navigation plan for our next port of call – Calais.    We depart Boulogne at 1430.

Chris and Sarah Woodford waving us off from Boulogne

Met Chris and Sarah Woodford on their Nimbus motor cruiser.  They had come across to Boulogne and were about to return to the Thames Estuary and home.

Caught 5 lovely mackerel on the way,  one lot came in with 3 on the line at once!!!   It rained les chats et les chiens as we passed Cap Griz Nez (grey nose)  but with a wonderful favourable tide and a decent breeze,  we made it into Calais within 10 minutes of the bridge opening to let us into the marina.    We are going to be here for a little while, preparing for entry in to the canal system.  We have checked and rechecked and triple checked this time, and according to tout le monde,  we are good to go for getting into the waterways.


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