7 August – Calais

Calais is a strange place.  There is actually some good stuff to see here.   Last time we were here on Salty Cat with Sezzi,   we literally came in, ate, slept, refuelled and bashed on up to Holland.  This time, we have a little time and will have a bit of an explore.

The first morning here,  just up ahead is a catamaran called Anna Lena, owned by Reg and Sheila Duff, from Devon.  Anna Lena is a ‘Heavenly Twins’ catamaran.  They had experienced a problem with loss of shore supply and needed a bit of help.   A cursory search and we couldn’t find the mains isolator.   She is a 1991 boat so she MUST have one.   Sheila sent a text message to the guy they bought the boat from, asking him where the breaker is.  Turns out it was in the back of a locker (behind a sign saying ‘so long and thanks for all the fish’.    Reset,   back in business.   At least they know that they have one.

We noticed,  cunningly, that Anna Lena had her mast down and on a cradle.  Deducing from this a potential companion de voyage,  it looks like we are both heading the same way.      Just realised we don’t have pics of Reg and Sheila.  Never mind, I guess we will have to come to this bar again………..

Anna Lena, astern of us


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