Friday 5 August 2011. St Valery sur Somme – At least it was sunny

Concerted effort to finish setting up the rig and storing/securing for sea.  It is a navigational sadness that one has to depart St Valery sur Somme within 2 hours  preceding high water.   We departed 1535   (HW being 1707.) This, of course, means that the tidal stream is against if heading north to Boulogne.   That, plus a complete lack of wind,  had us motoring hard to escape the furious tidal streams in the baie  de la Somme and then at a somewhat easier speed to make progress to Boulogne.

Yep, tide rushing past on the way out as wellAu revoir St Valery sur Somme

Very sad to leave St Valery sur Somme.  The way it is silting up, we wonder if we will ever manage to return.







A slightly sad look back as we depart.  I think we will remember the lovely people we met there as much as the lovely town itself.

Au revoir St Valery sur Somme

We arrived and were secure alongside,  rafted outside 3 other yachts in Boulogne by 0130.


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