Monday 8 August – Calais

Been to talk to the man with the crane.  All good to go for Wednesday.   We have another new friend,  this time  it is Hans Girisch from Groningen in Holland,  aboard his Vancouver 28 ‘Tringa’.  Hans is enroute back to Holland, having spent some time on the south coast of England and the Channel Islands

Hans Girisch from Groningen, who owns a Vancouver 28

Today we went to find a bar called ‘au bureau’  (at the office)   where we can use their wifi in exchange for beer.  We spent about 2 hours solid, trying to find a way from Calais to Rayners Lane.     You would not believe it.  It is really cheap to get to Calais but try doing it the other way.    We are talking over  £118 each return plus £37.50 each for the coach to London.   Really sorry folks,   we simply cannot afford to do that.  We are so sad at not being able to make it to the family bash, especially as we have just paid for our waterways licence up to the end of the year – 248 euros!!!!!!      Anyway,  we hope everyone has a lovely time.  Please take lots and lots and lots of pics and send them to us.


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