Thursday 18 August 2011 Happy Birthday Matt

Courselles les Lens to Arleux (the connection with the Canal du Nord)

Bit of a slow start today.  Last night Denis, our  French restaurateur from Bromley,  highjacked us at the end of our meal with some local liquers to taste  gratuit.

That, mixed with beer and wine and a very late night made for baggy heads this morning.   Anyway,  we managed to depart just before 1100,  tackle3 locks in just under 20 kilometres and stop at a mooring point right on the corner where the ‘grande gabarit’  meets the Canal du Nord.  There was just enough space for the 3 musketeers to berth alongside.  An hour or two later,  a huge peniche came into the barge berth ahead of us to stop over night as well.  Talk about feeling dwarfed;  this thing is the size of a frigate.

Where did THAT come from??

Overnight here,  off into the Canal du Nord tomorrow.

Robert and Judith received two guests today – Donna, their niece and Eve, her friend.   A couple of attractive 20 somethings  (pics to follow, I promise)  who will no doubt turn heads wherever we visit in their 4 day stint with the 3 musketeers.


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