Wed 24 Aug Peronne to K75

Day 14 in the Canals,   Day 68 since deperting UK.

Peronne to  Public Harbour at K75 – middle of nowhere and 1km from entrance to Panneterie Tunnel.   Got away at around 1000.  Our friends onboard Water Weasel were not up (it seemed) for us to pop over and say au revoir.   We have a feeling we will meet up with them again further south at some stage.

The next 3 locks were a bit of a nightmare.  We think the lock keepers name was ‘Roy Rogers’  talk about a cowboy!    We had 3 rising locks taking us up to the level of Panneterie Tunnel.   Normally the locks are filled gently to allow plaisance vessels to hang on precariously to the bollards and change their lines up to the next bollard as the boats rise.   These three morons thought it funny to flush us up.  On one of the locks we actually lossed our grip and ended up on the opposite side of the lock.     Anyway, after giving the lock keeper a sound b0ll0ck1ng on VHF,  in French.  We moved on and let it go. I am still tempted to write to the VNF and make a complaint, but who knows if I will.

Stopped in the layby at K75 for the night – again,  middle of nowhere. Nearest villages were Ercheu and Moyencourt.    Now we are in striking distance of the Panneterie Tunnel.

WM in middle of nowhere in a layby



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