Saturday 27 August 2011 Day 16 (70) Pont L’Eveque to Janville

Saturday 27 August 2011

Pont L’Eveque to Longeuil-Annel  (also known as Janville)

A wet, overcast start to the day.   On waking there was a murky mist floating over the surface of the canal and a grey, heavy, overcast sky.  While we had enjoyed the brief sojourn here  at Pont L’Eveque we all felt ready to press on.

Short day today,  made it to Janville by around 1255 and even though we hadn’t covered much in the way of distance, we all felt ready to stop again.

Parking on the 'Western Avenue'

We found ourselves moored on a straight stretch of canal with houses and small roads running along both sides.  It felt a bit like being parked on a quieter version of the Western Avenue,  but much prettier.  Found Carrefour, did some shopping then repaired to Billow at 2100 for a chat and too many beers.




This place has many beautiful houses alongside the canal,  many occupied by bateliers (bargemen) and their families.

Tyypical Batelier's House

They literally come home,  park the barge and walk into the house.

Janville Lock at Longeuil-Annel

Also, jus the other side of the Janville lock is a barge with a museum onboard it. Sadly we missed seeing it and only noticed it as we went by.

Le Musee des Bateliers at Longueil-Annel, just below Janville Lock on the L'Oise



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