Sunday 28 August 2011 Day 17 (71) Janville to Jaux

Janville to Jaux

Our initial plan was to head to a place called Compiegne, which boasted a small yacht harbour and all the facilities.   When we arrived there was a sign outside the harbour announcing  tiran d’eau  (water draft maximum)  1.2metres.    That ruled us out immediatement and put Billow right on the hairy edge.    We moved on.  Next port of call, Jaux, just the other side of Venette Lock.

Reg and Sheila in the restaurant

A nice man in a white shirt espied us making our approach and came to the pontoon, waving frantically to show us the best places to ‘park’.

A bit shallow next to a sturdy quay, so in went Billow and we rafted outboard in just enough water,  while Anna Lena perched herself on a convenient length of floating pontoon right next to us.The best bit of news was that we could fill up with fresh water and go on shore electricity as well.  In addition there was wifi, so hopefully, dear reader,  an update will come out of this visit.

Robert and Judith

Seems that the bar/restaurant here will stay open as long as we want it to.  So in we went and had un repas magnifique and a lovely evening.

One has a sneaking suspicion one might be staying here a second night perhaps.

We have  cunning plan to take AnnaLena back up the river tomorrow and have a look at Compiegne.   An elderly French


gentleman visited us and was telling us how lovely it is there.  We will report back on this tomorrow.


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