Thursday 25 August K75 to Pont L’Eveque and through the Panneterie Tunnel Day14 (68)

The Panneterie Tunnel was only a kilometer long and was controlled by traffic lights.  Our passage through was uneventful and the 4 locks, locking us down to Pont L’Eveque were exceptionally smooth and easy.

Hence the saying 'light at the end of the tunnel'

Pont L’Eveque is at the bottom end of the Canal du Nord at the junction with the Canal Lateral de L’Oise.   There is a tiny harbour there, which boasts visitors berths.  Forget it,   all taken.

Not a centimetre of space to be had anywhere

We nosed Wight Mistress in to the tiny harbour to have a look while the other two boats waited outside.  Not a centimeter to be had,  so we parked on the canal bank,  sharing 2 bollards and a handful of spikes.  As it was a trifle shallow,   Billow went alongside and we rafted up in slightly deeper water.    A good night at a bar just across the canal, followed by a full day of shopping and then sight-seeing made the decision to stay a second night very easy.

A space on the bank

The closest town is Noyon, home of Joan of Arc and an enormous cathedral, built in the 6th  century and knocked down,  burnt down, bombed, pilfered etc etc many times.  It is good to see it is still standing and in good condition.

Jannerandus alongside and resting

While wandering through the little town,  we discovered another catamaran like AnnaLena called  ‘Jannerandus’  from Plymouth.  She was the subject of a 2007 newsletter to the Heavenly Twins Owners Association where she reported part of her trip through the waterways.    She is in a bit of a sorry state now and it looks like she is laid up for a while.


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  1. WM looks odd with her masts down!!

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