Monday 29 August 2011 Day 18 (72) Happy Birthday Alan

Spent another day alongside at Jaux.    A quiet-ish day where lots of blogging was done and uploaded.    Reg suggested we take his catamaran and motor back up river to investigate the little harbour at Compiegne that we could get into, due to lack of depth of water.   Closer to the time, Sheila had turned the boat into a Chinese Laundry (as had Judith and Barbara to our own respective vessels) to we decided to use public transport.  Later it transpired that Reg,   the inimitable smoothy,  had managed to invite a local to give us a lift to the local station.

The port at Compiegne we couldnt get into

In fact, the lift  subsequently transpired to be one all the way in to Compiegne (a not inconsiderable distance).   So, off we went back up to Compiegne to see what the little port was like.  Alain, our new French friend,  dropped us in town at the station, so we would know how to get back.

Another shot of the pretty, unaccessible, little port

We wandered off to the little port for a look around and asked a gentleman on his boat where the accastillage was.  He then gave us good quality directions to the place that was………… you guessed,   right next (well, not in sight of) the station. Hey ho.

Managed to find the shop for Reg to buy some new  ‘defenses’  (fenders.)

More good fortune; on our return to the station (bus and train) we found the bus to Jaux (well, the Carrefour Hypermarket near Jaux) was  gratuit (free), so on we hopped, got off at Carrefour and then Steve chatted up a security supervisor into phoning for a cab.  In all, we did the whole round trip for about E3.50 each.

Barbara and Robert showing their culinary expertise?

The evening was spent BBQ’ing onboard Billow and chatting and singing and dancing into the very late evening.



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