Friday 2 September Day 22 (76)

Aaaaaaarrrrhhhhhhh,  power supply to Precious (our Macbook Pro) has decided to go duff at a critical moment.    I hope we can obtain a new one in Paris.

Passed Conflans St Honorine this morning at around 0915 – the earliest we have ever slipped.

We expected that the left-hand turn onto the Seine would be hugely adventurous with barges barging all over the place etc.   Nope,  nada,  not a sausage;  just a warm sunny quiet morning with hardly a ripple on the waters.

Conflans St Honorine is the barge capital of France.   Most of them are permanently parked either as floating homes or derelicts.  It seems that the older, narrower barges are no competition for the newer, wider, longer ones which carry much more load and only just fit into the locks.  As a result many of them have been retired and you will find them moored up all over the waterways rusting.  Sad really.   Anyway on with the story.

the smallest barge tug we have ever seen. This thing shifts peniches!!

Saw this odd looking thing as we left this morning. It has 2 huge engines and two enormous propellers in a tiny boat.  We can only surmise that it is used to manoeuvre barges and it thus a little tug.

Arrived at Bougival,  not far up the Seine but within one or two days striking distance of Paris and our next stop at the Port de Plaisance de l’Arsenal de Paris, more of that later perhaps.

Push tug 'Inflexible'? Well, bits of her look like they flexed at some stage.

We were passed by one push tug,  who didn’t live up to her name. It looked to us like someone had pushed her, or the driver needs some reversing lessons.

Arrived at Bougival,  a small town by the first set of small islands we have encountered.  The story goes that the second of the two islands (nearer Paris)  were occupied by impressionist painters at the peak of that era,  where they painted pictures of people on boats.  Pretty place.

A new use for a bollard perhaps? Barbara getting the treatment from Sheila

Ba decided that she needed something doing with her hair.  The hot weather and her beautiful long, rich brown mane,  are not compatible.   After Sheila made a nice job of Steves hair she then convinced Barbara to have hers cut as well.   Interesting.  For Sheila it was the very first canal bank hairdressers appointment for her in her career.

The pleasing thing for us it that the cut really suits Ba, in fact it is the loveliest hair cut that she has ever had (in the view of the humble author,that is,) but far more importantly,  Ba loves it.

I am loving Ba's new hairstyle. My lady looks gorgeous!!!

taking advantage of the free shower, courtesy of Mother Nature (shampoo extra)


Ba shampooing her lovely new hair style













Oh yes,   one afternoon we had an orage (thunderstorm) of tropical proportions. Seeing as neither of us had showered in a day or so,   we took advantage of the free water supply and had a cockpit shower.


It was a bit cool to start with but like a swimming pool,  ‘nice when you are in’



There were some girly shrieks as Ba got amongst it in the cockpit shower.




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4 responses to “Friday 2 September Day 22 (76)

  1. Mike

    I see there is a golf course nearby – Fore!!

  2. OMG…..I found you, on Google Earth. Thank you for that info. Been dying to know exactly and precisely where you are!! Sooo helpful!! First chance
    since leaving Cyprus late July to get anywhere near finding you…..very happy to know where you are! love you lots. x x Lella

  3. Just found you on Google Earth (Thank you Google!) You are so close to Paris….very exciting!! I’ll be keeping tabs on your progress via Google Earth, that way I can ‘see’ where you are…….what fun!! I LOVE technology!
    Happy day! x x

  4. I am glad you are enjoying it Lella, we are having a ball. We are in Paris at the marina which is right by the Bastille. If you google earth la bastille, you will see what looks like a short canal running south toward the Seine. That is the marina and we are in the bottom left corner.

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