Sunday 4 September 2011 Day 24 (78) and 41st anniversary of Steve joining the Royal Navy

Left Bougival at 0940 today and pushed on up the Seine.   Found a 1 – 2 knot current against us most of the way, so we are expecting higher fuel consumption today.   Weather held off until mid afternoon when the heavens did open for about half an hour.    One lock on the river,  one lock into Paris Arsenal Marina and about 50 km covered today.  It is strange,  on the canals and rivers one is permanently in a close quarters situation, (‘Special Sea Dutymen’ or ‘River Routine’ closed up, to coin a navalisms) so even though we cruise at 3 – 4 knots, the concentration levels are higher than in the open sea and thus one tends to get a bit tired.

As we were bimbling along, I think we were passed by one peniche the whole day.  Then this guy comes past and we enjoyed his wake for about half an hour.  Still, pretty boat.  He is berthed up the other end of the marina from us at the moment.

Sigrid of Chelsea comes past us at speed

Recognise this? First site of le tower Eiffel

The trip through the bridges of Paris was magical.  There were loads of  bateaux mouches (restaurant/party boats) who all went through the bridges, round past the isle de la cite  and back.  We tucked in and followed,  calling the Paris Arsenal  marina on arrival.  We only had to wait about 10 minutes, across the river by the police station, for them to prepare the lock and we were berthed up and secure by 1735.   We aim to stay for a week or so.

How many people get to see Notre Dame from an ocean going yacht? Wonderful!

The trip up the Seine is a brilliant thing to do.  We have gone up the Thames a number of times as far as Tower Bridge and really enjoyed it, but the Seine somehow beats it for beauty (I never thought I would say such a thing.)

Looking back through some of the bridges





We were concentrating quite hard on the navigation and stuff, but Ba did get to take some shots as we came round past the islands in the Seine right in the middle of the city.

Approaching the lock at the Port de l'Arsenal






Coming in under the railway bridge in to the lock at the Arsenal.  The course to steer angle on approach was not too violent,  approx 30 degrees or so,  nothing like the entry into Limehouse of St Kathryns in London.



WM parked in her berth at le port de l'Arsenal


In no time at all we had sorted out the formalities and we were securely in our berth.







le port de plaisance Paris Arsenal


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