Saturday 3 September 2011 Day 23 (77)

Woke up this morning after a bit of a late night last night.   The other 2 crews decided to take us ashore for a beer to thank us for getting them all the way to (nearly) Paris.  Ended up onboard Billow, chatting until 0200 so this morning was a bit of a slow start.   Bougival is near where all the impressionists like to sit and paint their pictures by the Seine.  We were moored on an island in the middle of the river so we went for a long walk along to the other end to see where these artists used to hang out.   After a looooooong walk with lovely scenery but not a hint of paint brushes and easels etc,  we walked back to Wight Mistress for a spot of lunch and a well earned snooze.

Where did THAT come from??

Woke up later on this afternoon to find a double length peniche parked alongside us.  The prime mover (the one pushing from behind) was rafted up on another peniche of the same size ahead of us but the one he was pushing happened to be alongside us.  Strange feeling.

Ba asked the skipper if he wanted to put another head rope on and he smiled and gave her a Gallic shrug, saying ‘non,  s’OK’  You see, they speak Franglais as well.

Knackered, we had an early night.  Bon soir, dormez bien.


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