Tuesday 6 September Day 26 (80)

Paris Arsenal Marina   48 50.853 N    002 21.966E

We went on a route march around Paris (around 8 miles we think).  The original plan was for a romantic stroll along the Seine, which was lovely.

Notre Dame from somewhere along the Seine

While it was a bit overcast it was still warm and dry.   We wandered over the bridge onto the isle de la cite and looked at Notre Dame and the lovely old buildings.

Notre Dame a bit closer

Paris is a beautiful city.  The people are a little bit ‘Parisien’ in their outlook.   When booking our berth here at port de l’Arsenal Steve asked the man in the capitainery on the phone if he spoke English.  His response was ‘of course’.  Sums it up really.   The locals take a bit of a dim view of us tourists,  unlike just about everywhere else we have been,  where they seem really pleased to see us, even though they cannot speak English. Learning a bit of French has really helped.

Ba by the small pyramid outside the Louvre

Anyway, we continued our wanderings along the Seine up to the Louvre,  which is closed on Tuesdays.  Hey ho.  By this time of course we were both in dire need of a comfort break.   The louvre was closed so we spoke to this Parisien waiter and asked where the loos were.  Of course he replied with a Parisien air, ‘you can use the ones in the cafe if you care to dine with us or have a coffee,  or you can use the toilets in the Metro’     2 coffees?   10 euros, ouch.  Still, well worth the comfort stop AND the coffee was nice.

We decided to complete the circuit by following the jardin les Tuileries, just past the Louvre, up to the lower end of the Champs Elysees, then head north up to the Paris Opera (home of the Phantom).


Our walk took us back along the north side of the Seine through the backstreets of Paris (with children begging in rags,  all touched with a burning ambition to shake of their lowly born tags, they tried  la la la………).  OK, that was Naples,  no wonder we only saw grown up beggers.  Actually it seemed that the modern day young begger strides up to you and waves a paper and pen in front of you, demanding some sort of sponsorship where you pay up front.  Non merci!!!

Odd little back street shopping alleys.

Anyway we found our way back through some delightful  covered back alleys with tiny shops in them (mostly closed)

Of course we had to find a boulangery and have pain au raisin and tarte au pruneau and pain au chocolat DIDN’T we?

There are also some rather strange modern edifices in Paris. No idea what they are for but the pics seemed nice.

Random building

Feng Shui doesn't seem to be a requirement in Parisienne Archicture

This one we couldnt work out if it had scaffolding or if it was supposed to look like this.


This one seemed to have a strange artistic wire wrap thing going on.  Must take ages to polish it.

Feng shui doesnt seem to be a Parisien architectural requirement then!

Reminds me of the Barclaycard advert, all in one building

Then we found our favourite cafe’s.  His………..

.......and Hers

……….and Hers

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