Thursday 8 September 2011 Day 28 (82)

After a day onboard yesterday it was time to hit the tourist route again.   While we were waiting to hop on the  ‘L’Opentour’  bus at La Bastille,  we received a text from Dave Parry, an old friend from Steve’s navy days.   Dave was coming to see us but his neice had hurt her back yesterday, precluding their planned visit.   Dave texted us to say that all was well and that they had made it to Paddington so far,  and were tucking into  bacon butties.   With an element of relief that Kelly is ok,   we paid our E29 each and spent the whole day on various tour routes all around Paris,  from the Latin Quarter and Sorbonne in the south to Sacre Couer and Montmartre (Moulin Rouge, Gare du Nord etc) in the north,  and from La Bastille in the East as far as L’Arc de Triomphe at the top of the Champs Elysees in the west-ish.  It was fascinating driving over the bridges we had sailed under (well, motored) in Wight Mistress a few days earlier.   The Tour Eiffel looks great, as if she has had a recent paint job.  She is a bit like the Forth Road Bridge:  as soon as you finish at one end you start again at the other.   75000 tons of steel,  2.5 million rivets and a team of painters who are not scared of heights.

Did you know that when the Bastille Prison was pulled down,  all the stone was taken away and used to build one of the bridges across the Seine?    Nor did we!

Eiffel Tower with a nice new paint job

Eiffel Tower as seen by 'le tourist'

L'Arc de Triomphe at the top of the Champs Elysees

a Red Mill somewhere in Montmartre

A famous station in the northern part (Montmartre)

LA Bastille Monument (right next to the marina)


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