Thursday 15 September 2011 Day 35 (89)

Decided to crack in some kilometres today, so we were underway by 0920. It was a little sad to leave Reg and Sheila at Paris, as they are heading off on a route that takes in the Loire.  In addition they were waiting for the delivery of a generator.  Reg was so impressed with Harry the Honda the first day in the waterways that he decided to buy one himself.  Daft thing is, even with a big Honda dealer in Paris,  they couldn’t buy one there so they ordered one from UK.  It is thought that the Paris Honda dealer wasn’t really interested.

Any road up, off we went, leaving a tearful Reg and Sheila waving us au revoir (we are bound to meet up again, the French waterways are a bit like that).   Did an interesting little tunnel before stopping for the night.

Ba keeping lookout for bits of wood and other junk in the tunnel

Nogent sur Marne was a pretty if a little pricey place, so we were not too tempted to stay there more than one night.

Nogent sur Marne.

As a result we had a lovely cruise, ending up at  a lovely town called Meaux.

A bit alarming at first, watching the water being thrown up at you.

On the way we encountered some slightly different locks, where the water is ‘jetted’ out of the gate in front of you an a somewhat alarming manner.   Actually it is better than coming out of a hole underneath, as some of the energy is dissipated and the ride is more gentle to the top.




Has anyone actually seen a black swan?  We did today and what a surprise when he went to take off;  a wonderful display of a sleek black swan with white wing tips.

Our black swan as we approach (sorry, wrong lens)

Not sure he was happy with our course and speed

Flying speed

And down again. What lovely wings

We did 37 kilometres,   5 locks and one tunnel today.   What a surprise,  as we called the last lock on VHF channel 69,  apart from the eclusier responding we received a call from Billow who was moored just around the corner.    We joined them on a rather bleak looking quay but quickly moved up to somewhere much nicer, the Halte Fluviale controlled by the tourist office at Meaux.  Coming out of the lock, one turns left and passes under two bridges, one of which says no entry;  in fact on looking closer it says ‘no entry after another 100metres.  The Halte Fluvial is a very pleasant set of angled pontoons in the heart of the town.    Robert’s friends Steve and Brenda depart tomorrow so we are heading out for a meal with them.  Great stuff,  Barbara gets to wear pretty things again.  Lovely.

As an aside,  we had a message from David today, who has invented a new recipe which, to all reviews,  is rather good and worth trying:

Lightly fry some pork loins, then when almost ready,  add a slice of stilton.  When the stilton has melted add mint sauce and serve with vegetables.    We are going to try this and would like you, dear reader,  to have a go as well, reporting back to us here on the blog.   OK, I have waffled on enough,  time to take my beautiful Barbara out to dinner in her pretty little black number,  yummy 🙂


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  1. Anne and Ross

    This is what we know about Meaux: Brie de Meaux is a French brie cheese of the Brie region and a designated AOC product since 1980. Its name comes from the Brie region and the town of Meaux. As of 2003, 6,774 tonnes (-13.4% since 1998) were produced. Enjoy!!

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