Monday 19 September 2011 Day 38 (93)

Left Charly this morning but regretted not going ashore for a look around.  It is a tiny little village in the middle of nowhere.   Steve did suggest turning around but the higher authority decreed that we should press on.  Another lovely peaceful day ending in a pleasant glass of wine alongside the halte fluviale at Chateau Thierry.

As the ‘fly crows’  we have travelled 42.76 miles from Paris Arsenal Marina.   It has taken us 70 miles in the process.  A bit meandery these rivers.

Only a short-ish run today as we decided to stop and go food shopping.

Our position  49 02.603N   03 23.937E

Peter and Susan arrived in their Broom 42 motor cruiser.  Another pair of Brits who have escaped from the rat-race and are ‘just cruising’.    Interesting to hear of the way they need to use their huge engines.  It is almost impossible,  with twin 260 horsepower monsters, to travel slowly enough.  Like most twin engine boaters they run on one engine only, most of the time,  only starting the other one when needed.   We have heard of a chap who installed a 3rd engine midships with its own prop, especially for the waterways work.

Quiet night in.


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