Saturday 17 September 2011 Day 36 (91) Happy Birthday to Big Dan, our surrogate son and Sarah’s housemate


48 57.416N

002 58.881E

We departed from here at 0940, leaving Robert and Judith on Billow.  They need to find somewhere to park the boat safely for a week while Robert flies home on business.   We are going on ahead to report on potential places for them to stop.

Found a number of nice spots and reported them back by text message, so Billow will be under way again soon.  Locked through behind a peniche with 2 other plaisanciers and stopped a bit further down at St Jean Les Deaux Jumeaux for the night.   A reletively uneventful and peaceful day full of beautiful weather, lovely views and a nice place to stop for the night.


We have found somewhere to park up for the winter.  It is in a small port called Auxonne.  We have booked in there for 3 months starting around the end of October.  Our rough, outline, wet finger,  first stab,  wave damp grass in the air and guess  (SWAG = scientific wild-assed guessing) is that we will do a few days/weeks of work on Wight Mistress,  come home for a while in the middle and go back afterwards.  We are not committing to anything more solid than that for now,  ‘cos we just don’t know.


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