Sunday 18 September 2011 Day 37 (92)

Heavy rain overnight but lovely this morning.   We are now into the ‘automatic’ locks.  The nice man at the previous lock gave us a thing with 3 buttons on like a TV remote.  As we approach the next lock we press the blue button and at the lock a yellow traffic light flashes along with the red one.  Next thing we see a red light and a green light (with yellow one flashing too) and all of a sudden the lock gates open.  Not an eclusier (lock keeper in sight).   In we go,  secure safely then tell the lock to do its thing by grabbing a blue vertical pole connected to a switch box and pushing it upwards for 5 seconds.   Next thing you experience is water coming in through the sluices as you go on a lift ride to the top.    the water swirling stops,  the gates open and out you go……….. seeeeeeemples   chchchch.     Actually, it really was that easy.  It also gives you as much time as you need to sort ropes etc out before you tell the lock to do the next bit,  rather than wait for a (potentially) impatient eclusier.

Passed a group of plongeurs (divers) operating in the river (in about 2.4 metres of water – not what you might call an exciting dip)

Now, all of a sudden, everywhere we look we see hillsides.  All the south facing ones have vines growing on them;  the start of Champagne country.

Pulled into a tiny little place called Charly and moored just over from the lock.  So quiet and peaceful.

48 58.076N

003 16.837E


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