Tuesday 20 September 2011 Day 39 (94)

Decided to stay here for a day or two.  the old chateau (in ruins) at the top of the hill is worth a look,  and we had a few jobs to sort out as well.   A heads pump leak took an hour or two to strip and fix, followed by a problem with the back wheel on Steve’s bike.  All sorted now. We wandered up to the chateau to find that they have a lovely display of falconery.   Eagles, falcons, hawks,  owls and vultures all performing aerobatics.  A lovely display.  One of the white headed eagles decided to disappear off on his own and his human,  a girl called Sabrine,  had to go off and find him.   It was actually a very distressing experience for her but she found him and coaxed him back to the fold.    We were quite relieved for her.

Up at the top of the hill, right near the motorway,  is a huge monument,  We discovered it is the ‘American Monument’ dedicated to the wars.  Sadly there is no pathway up to look at it.  Hey ho. Came back down the hill and decided to invite Peter and Susan and another couple, Les and Bett from an English narrowboat nearby (another couple who have escaped the rat-race)  for ‘aperito’ (a shortening of ‘aperitif’  we have learned).    they arrived at 1800 and Barbara put on a lovely spread of bruschetta with olives and vin rose.   A pleasant evenings chat before dinner.  This is a lovely way to entertain as everyone understands the rules and disappears off for dinner after an hour or two of nattering and smalley eats. Movie and early night at Chateau Thierry


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