Wednesday 21 September 2011 Day 40 (95)

Barbara with our petit sac des livres (you shoulda seen the 2 sacks we carried back!!


We were going  to head off today and make a little more progress.    Prior to this Les and Bett invited us to come along and swap some books with them.   We had 5 books to swap so off we went.   Spent a lovely day with them,  had lunch,  nattered our socks off and came back late in the afternoon with 2 SACKS of books to read.   They insisted, said it gave them room to collect more.

It is strange, but one of the things that seems to happen in the cruising community is book-swapping.   There is a regular book meet at the place we will be wintering at.  S’funny what books you will read when they are given to you.  Steve have even got a French one which he is itching to try.

Les and Bett onboard their English narrow boat











The VNF  (Voies Navigation de France)  is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  Part of this is a mobile, open-air cinema and display that is travelling the waterways by peniche.  Today it stopped just along the quay from the halte fluviale and set up.  We are going to watch the movie tonight out of shear curiosity.  Perhaps we will  depart tomorrow, who knows.   We have about 400km to cover before reaching our over-winter stop and about 40 days to do it in.  Sooooo, if we can do more than 10 kliks at day average we should be OK.   Just checked the VNF websites that tell us all is well between where we are and where we want to be.

Brrrrr, just come back from the VNA open air cinema.   They showed a 45 minute video all about the River Marne.    It was enjoyable if a little difficile for us to understand, however we stuck with it and enjoyed it, even if it was a tad chilly.   What made the show more interesting for us was the aerobatic display by the bats behind the screen.

The open air cinema (with Wight Mistress in the background)


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