Saturday 24 September 2011 Day 44 (100)

Woke up late, missed the rugby.  England 67 Romania 3.   From the report next door,  England played properly.    Intention today is to head up the hill to Hautviller to have a good look around.   It looks like there is a small market setting up just along the river bank, so maybe Ba will want to have a bit of a nose.

Put the bikes ashore and cycled up the steep hill to Hautviller.

Ba in the shade and the office de tourisme at Hautviller

Dom Perignon vertical (the plate on the deck in the church was 'interesting' but not a blog picture really

Visited the church there and looked at the grave stone of Dom Perignon by the altar.  What a very dusty church.   All over Hautviller were champagne houses with ‘degustations’  going on.   We wandered all over, enjoying the bright, warm sunshine and the pretty buildings, then coasted back down the hill, past the vineyards and back to Cumieres.  Actually the best thing we had from the visit was a really good baguette.








Apero with the lovely Dutch Barge people

We were invited next door on to Avalon with Phil and Margaret and Andrew and Gail from Celine for Apero.  It was a bit of a working apero as Margaret was briefing Andrew and Gail on the passage to Doubes  where they are both wintering this year.  It was interesting to have other peoples take on the navigation in the French waterways.


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