Sunday 25 September Day 45 (101)

Another bright sunny day.  This is really like living in a dream.   Next door onboard Avalon the TV was on for the Scotland Argentina match.  Much wailing and gnashing of teeth at the end as Argentina managed a try at the end, winning by one point.  We understand that had Scotland won,  England would have been through to the quarter final.  As it stands, England now has to play and win again to get there (or something like that.)

We filled with fresh water and disconnected electricity, delaying departure until after the end of the rugby.   After making our farewells, we headed off to the end of the navigable part of the Marne and into the Canal Lateral a la Marne and on with our journey.   We wanted to visit Epernay, the capital of the Champagne area (we are told) so about 3km down the canal we moored at a public quay at Dizy, close to Epernay, and cycled into town.

Tasting a couple of champagnes (we did a rose as well(

Ba did as well.....


Maison de Champagne Moet & Chandon

There is a long avenue with beautiful, large houses, known as the Avenue de Champagne.   The larger champagne producers have their ‘houses’ there:   Moet & Chandon,  Mercier etc.

After taking advice from the tourist office we cycled up to the Mercier house and joined the tour there.   It is not too pricey (E18 each for the tour, including a train tour around their caves 30 metres underground, an audio guide AND 3 glasses of different champagnes to try.)   We really enjoyed the visit and finished it up with a meal at the brasserie at the bottom of the Avenue de Champagne before cycling back to Wight Mistress.

A lovely hot sunny and interesting day.


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