Wednesday 28 September 2011 Day 48 (104)


Chalons en Champagne to Soulanges

There was a Swiss barge moored ahead of us.  Didn’t get their names but they have told us they are wintering in Auxonne as well,  so we will, no doubt, see them again in our travels.   They left at 0900 so we decided to give them a half hour head start,  departing at 0928;  this avoids hold ups at each lock. We covered 23 km today and 5 locks, berthing at Soulanges, just past the last lock of the day.   A pretty ‘halte pique-nique’ with mozaic’d concrete picnic tables under beautiful broad-leaved trees in the late summer sunshine.   Another very pretty town to wander around in (it seems there are many of these to see, all with lots of history and beautiful buildings.)  Up on the hill there is a full sized Stations of the Cross that climbs the hill up to a beautiful statue of Madonna and Child. We both felt it a little strange as we expected to see a Crucifix at the top.

The Stations of the Cross at Soulanges

Wight Mistress from the top of the Stations of the Cross

Broke out the Cob and had a BBQ this evening, sitting and talking into the darkest of nights before heading back onboard before being bitten to bits by bite-ey thingies.

Ba looking lovely


Steve BBQ'ing

We are only 256km from Auxonne so are still on track if we maintain 10km a day – easy you might say.   Well, it is, so long as you don’t mind doing 15 locks in a day.   The next canal, the Canal de Champagne a Bourgogne, formerly known as the Canal  de Marne a Saone,  is 224km and has 114 locks  (nearly one every 2km all the way down).   It is said that one can do this in 7 days – I don’t think so!!!


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