Home at Last – well, home from home

After a frantic weekend of visiting,  eating and drinking too much,  seeing as many people as we could reach with limited funds and no wheels,  we arrived back on the Red Jet to Cowes.   Serendipitously our friend Chris happened to be in Cowes and we were given a much appreciated lift back to Island Harbour.   Thankyou Chris,  you and Cath are stars too.

We think this will be the last blog entry for this subject and we will continue the story with our return to Auxonne in 2012.

We want to thank all those of you described by us as ‘dear reader’  for following our antics.   We have had a truly amazing time of it and we hope you have enjoyed the anecdotes and pictures.

This blog sends out auto messages when we update it,  so please keep an eye out for these sometime in the new year.

We wish all of you the very best of health, wealth and happiness for Christmas and for  2012 and we look forward to blogging for you again when we starte Chapter 2 of our journey.

Meilleures Salutations

Steve and Barbara White

SV Wight Mistress


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One response to “Home at Last – well, home from home

  1. Derek and Jenny Posta

    Hi Steve and Barbara
    Really enjoyed reading and following your travels. Looking forward to the next chapter in 2012.
    Derek and Jenny

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