Australian Reef System under Industrial Threat

Boat Buddies All,
Have a look at this link and please sign up your support, this is important in so many ways.



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2 responses to “Australian Reef System under Industrial Threat

  1. Rod

    Thats not a blog,,thats a book,,LOLLL.
    Great stuff though,,I loved the canal pics a lot,,,tells me its time to go somewhere,,anywhere..:)
    As for iphoto’s and itunes to put on the web,,,contact a high ranking expensive web company,,they will tell you they can or cannot do it.
    At least you have an answer,,,with PHP and the latesrt microsoft based on VB,,,almost anything is possible.
    I keep it VERY simple,,
    Nice to see you guys,,take care.
    Rod the long haired lout with the canon,,Island Harbour today.

    • Hi Rod,
      Sorry, still trying to get to grips with all the things this blog will do for me. Thankyou for the advice, I will definitely have a look at, thank you.
      We are currently back in London looking after my Mum, who had a stroke and a fall, resulting in a broken collarbone as well. I doubt we will manage to return to the island until around November time, but hopefully we will bump into you again at Breeze (open again I hear).
      Steve and Barbara
      Wight Mistress

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