Last day in the cottage, cleaning like mad.

OK, bags packed, house cleaned, car loaded, ferries booked. What have we forgotten? I expect we will remember as we board the ferry at Dover next Saturday at around 0300. Should be back at Auxonne around lunch time. Our current plan is to sort Wight Mistress out, have a couple of days in Auxonne, nip down to Sirod to see our friends Steve and Yvette, then carry on south to Port la Nouvelle to stay with Joanna and John for a few days. For those of you who followed us last year it should make sense to say that we will probably slip and proceed and continue with the adventure. Our initial thoughts are to head back up the Canal Entre Champagne et Bourgogne to Vitry le Francois and then head east to Strasbourg……. which probably means we will do entirely the opposite. Watch this space 🙂


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  1. Lesley

    Bon voyage (golly, the one time I’ve ever used that to people actually going to be in France on a voyage!!!!) Have fun!! Keep those lats and longs coming so we can track you! lots of love. Happy cruising. x x

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