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Just to let you know that we have a nice easy email address:


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2 responses to “Update of info

  1. Adrian Turner

    Hi Adrian,
    Good to hear from you. We are now back in France and apart from visiting friends around and about for a couple of weeks, we will be heading out into the waterways very soon.
    As for red diesel, you are not allowed to use it at all in a leisure craft. In the places where this is fuel alongside the waterways, red diesel is known as fiouel (or something like that) and is for commercial vessels. There are huge fines if they catch you. You can, however, use it for your heating system so long as you have a completely separate tank. There is white diesel available as well, however be prepared to have to go to the local garage with cans to refuel.
    Our fuel is getting lighter and lighter pink all the time but the colour never seems to go away. I am told that in Belgium the authorities can and will fine you if they have any inkling of ‘foul play’ and that the fines can run to thousands. We keep all our fuel receipts close by, so that if we are collared, at least we can show how we have purchased our white diesel ever since coming in to France.
    I am not too sure we will go to Belgium until the tank is much whiter.
    Hope this is useful,

    Hi to you both,
    Just checking on how it’s going, we met in Cherbourg last year, we had the Nic 35 Coriander. We are both retired now, so hope to get away somewhere this year. I would be interested in hearing about your experience of red diesel in France. We have been getting all sorts of different information.
    With regard to you photo info, there are websites that you can upload your photos to & you can specify private or public viewing.
    Have fun, Adrian

    • Hi Adrian,
      Sorry for the delay, I am still getting to grips with this wordpress thing. Every time I think I have a handle on it, they change it all and I have to relearn.
      Hope you are well. We are off to France again next weekend and will restart the cruise around the beginning of April. We hope you enjoy the blog. Any questions we can help you with, please email to wightmistress@gmail.com.

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