Friday 16 March Harrow to Crawley to Dover

Left M&T’s around 1400 to head towards Dover. Stopped at Sainsbugs in Ruislip to stock up with all the stuff we needed to get for our friends Steve and Yvette, who live in Sirod in France. They were desparate for things like English sausages and bacon, and (would you believe it?) Bisto gravy and powdered mashed potato (even though Steve denied the mash, we had the evidence in the form of a text message☺)

On our way we stopped off at Crawley to meet up with Steve’s best mate Mike and his wife Viv. Poor Viv had been suffering with a migraine that day so we weren’t certain if we would get to see her. We all met up at Costa Coffee in the County Mall in the town for a long chat and a coffee. Viv was feeling much better. Mike has started a new job with London Underground as an incident manager. He seems to be enjoying the experience and now has the biggest toy train set in the world to play with.

Departed Crawley in the early evening to head for Dover. Our ferry was due to depart at 0330 Saturday morning for Calais. When we arrived the lovely lady in the departures booth offered us either the 2245 from Dover to Calais or, if we wanted, the 2200 from Dover to Dunkirk.


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