Friday 23 March Port la Nouvelle

Woke this morning after a bit of an uncomfortable night (aching all over) and spent the morning kicking around and generally being lazy. By 1100 the sun was blazing down for the first time. L’ete est arrive, magnifique!! We donned our flip flops and went for a stroll along la plage. They have these strange houses on legs actually on the beach.

Odd looking detached house on beach - 360 beach front view!

We reckon they must be for the life guards, either that or someone was having a laugh in the local planning office. Imagine: ‘House in idyllic surroundings with 360 degree view of the beach.’ Good thing there are no tides to speak of. The Office de Tourisme was of course closed for lunch, so we found a hostelry and had a refreshment while awaiting opening time. Some hours later we found ourselves in the Office, where Barbara interpreted for a chap from California. He didn’t know the French word for lightning, and the French lady didn’t know the English one, so our gallant femme stepped into the breach and did a really good job. The language is starting to improve and we are loving it. The San Franciscan chap was very pleasant and he has taken off on his bicycle to cycle to Spain, which is actually un peux down the road. We then attended to the plan de ville and some other bits and pieces in preparation for our invasion of Carcassonne tomorrow perhaps.

Nipped into Super U for some groceries and headed home again. On stopping the phone rang. Now, dear reader, you will know that if you phone us and we don’t recognize the number, we will not answer but we will text you.
Anyway, our daughter Sarah was on the line and she knows what it costs, so it had to be important. It was!!!!! Her lovely chap Tom had just got down on one knee in the Royal Crescent in Bath and proposed. Wonderful. Tears on the phone and lots of girly squeals, and that was just Steve ☺

The ring


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